Please read this carefully
Before leaving home, be sure you are fit enough and equipped sufficiently to undertake your walk.
If you’re unsure of your fitness level, try a short easy walk first—it’s much better to find a walk a little too slow than to make yourself miserable and exhausted.
Some of our walks are off-road in rural areas.
Always have suitable footwear and clothing for both walk and weather.
Take some food and drink even if the walk includes a pub or café break.
Although walking is one of the safest outdoor activities, none is completely without risk.
It is your responsibility to behave sensibly and minimise the potential for accidents.


Self Guided Walks

A Successful Trial !

All our Self-guided Walks have text information, directions, images and maps

We now know there are many people, perhaps new to country walking,
who may like to look around and make their own pace on a hike,
rather than try to keep up with a very keen leader.

Our experiment here in 2014 with ‘Self-Guided Walks’
is fast approaching 3000 hits,
with many emails of appreciation.

We have kept last year's selection of five, to which
we have now added Clumber Park, Epperstone,
Netherfield Lagoons (for bird-watchers), Lambley/Woodborough,
Lambley High Pastures, Calverton, and Lambley Dumbles.

Two more are specifically for elderly or physically disabled people around
Colwck Park and Burntstump Country Park.

Each contains full guidance with many small photos to show the route
and more interesting features , with a detailed map.

Most give alternative routes to suit your tastes or time available.

Click on a selected walk and a PDF will open up
(use Adobe Reader X1, downloadable free from Google).

You should be able to print this in Windows XP or 7
by pressing 'Control' plus 'P' (for print)
to open the printing programme.

Select whether you want colour or greyscale (black and white)
before printing - colour is best!.

Don't forget to print the map if it's on a separate page.
Put your printed instructions in a sealed clear plastic folder
as most printer inks run in the rain.

If you are up-to-date with your technology, your phone,
tablet or similar internet giszmo should bring it up
from our web-site whilst you're out walking.

We have tested, and user feedback confirm that it works.

Just take our web-site address with you and ensure you have sufficient
battery power for the whole walk or you're in dead trouble!

You could lose your signal in some areas, especially if hilly.
Printed instructions are safer.

We'd still like your feedback, with any useful helpful comments.

We regret that due to space and high print costs
we cannot put these self-guided walks in our booklet.
Select and click a walk below to download.

Please email

with your comments.

Select and click a walk below
to download now to your computer / phone / pad

Clumber Park Caythorpe Burntstump Country Park
Epperstone CarColston Lambley High Pastures
Colwick Park Farnsfield Lambley and Woodborough
Calverton Circular Hazelford Ferry Whitsunday Pie Lock
Netherfield Lagoons Stoke Bardolph Arnold and The Dumbles


If you would like to leave us feedback please email

Hi Brian

We followed the Car Colston walk last Sunday.
We used a PDF version which we downloaded to my iPhone before we set off incase of signal loss.
Enjoyed the walk and will do in reverse this weekend.
I think that more people would get involved in countryside walking if they knew the pathways and rights of way, so your information on your website is invaluable.
Keep up the good work!

Julian and Rachael

** ** ** ** **


I did this walk (Car Colston) with a friend on Friday and it was delightful.
I have lived in Bingham for 25+ years and been to the Royal Oak and the villages before but never walked there.
As we walked we saw lots of footpath signs but it was perfect to have a given route and one with so much detail we couldn't get lost.
Thank you to you and the team for preparing the notes
and checking them.
We enjoyed looking at the "big posh" houses and being in the middle of nowhere in fields.
As I was reading out instructions Judith was
laughing out loud at your sense of humour!
It is brilliant to have this new one to do with visitors who have done all the ones we know!

Margaret Hunt

** ** ** ** **

Dear Brian

I did the walk (Hazelford Ferry) on Friday with my friend and it was so lovely I did it again today with my husband.
All 3 of us enjoyed it very much and I feel quite fit!

My friend Judith and I usually only walk together once or twice a year and have done things like wander around Wollaton park, Rushliffe Country Park and Attenborough Nature Reserve.
It was great to have the easy inspiration about where to go/what to do and that very pleasurable joy of discovery.
We particularly liked our lunch stop at The Bromley on a sunny day and went in the Village Shop
(as instructed) to buy chocolate (as instructed!!)

As with the Car Colston walk, the route is simple enough but having the printed, tested instructions gave us the confidence to do it.
And again, this is a walk we will be repeating and sharing with friends.

Margaret Hunt

** ** ** ** **


I just wanted to let you know that I downloaded your walk
around Car Colston and enjoyed the stroll with my husband
and 3 young kids last Sunday. Your directions, explanations
and fun info bits made the walk very pleasurable.
The kids liked using the map and matching the photos to their views.

And of course the Sunday dinner and treacle sponge and
custard at the Royal Oak was a bonus!

Many thanks for a great download,

Cat Park


Many Thanks for your feedback
Brian Cluff



Nottingham’s Local Access Forum is producing
a short series of Self-Guided Walks to
get people out and about in the City area,
helping them to discover more about the
history and beauty of our City.

Currently there are 2 walk leaflets available covering
(1) Wollaton Park and Martins Pond LNR and
(2) Sneinton and Colwick Woods.
They can be easily downloaded from:

Further walks covering the Nottingham
City will be available for you in the future.