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Please read this carefully
Before leaving home, be sure you are fit enough and equipped sufficiently to undertake your walk.If you’re unsure of your fitness level, try a short easy walk first—it’s much better to find a walk a little too slow than to make yourself miserable and exhausted. Most of our walks are off-road in rural areas. Please have suitable footwear and clothing for both walk and weather (you can check our web-site for the day’s weather). Bring some food and drink even if the walk includes a pub or café break. Leaders may possibly refuse to accept participants who are not adequately fit or equipped. If in doubt phone the leader first. For your own and others’ safety, please abide by the advice herein and the instructions of the walk leader. Although walking is one of the safest outdoor activities, none is completely without risk. It is your responsibility to behave sensibly and minimise the potential for accidents. You are NOT covered by us or the leaders for personal injury or loss—the cost would have been too great and the scheme could not have gone ahead. It is your decision if you walk with us under these terms. If you are unknown to your walking group, you may be asked for your name at the start. Please co-operate and give it.


The ‘Walking for Health Initiative’ is part of a move to improve the Nations health by walking.

There are many such groups in
Nottinghamshire, with trained and insured leaders,
who take parties out for a gentle 2-6 mile stroll in their local area.

Details for many of these groups are listed here.
Contact the leaders for further information.
On your first walk please arrive early to complete a registration/health form.
Dogs on leads and children are normally allowed, but check.
Rushcliffe M and M say no dogs.
Bring any medication and inform the leader if in any difficulty during the walk

See website


The Cambridge research is quite an eye-opener.

Even more is the research made public at the end of 2016
that about 80% of adults in the 40 to 60 age bracket
don’t look after themselves by taking sufficient exercise.
Lack of exercise is worse for you than obesity, it is believed now

Some walkers with the Mansfield ‘On Your Doorstep’ health group have improved so much they are joining the regular Ramblers!

These Health Walks are an ideal introduction to group walking if you have never tried it before.

Local walks at an easy pace, trained leaders and an amiable group
around you - it becomes a comfortable, friendly way of recovering or improving your health.

Research shows that you can reduce your risk of contracting
any one of about 35 serious diseases too.

Think about it. It’s got to be worth it to you!

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Walking in Bassetlaw

Free health walks between 2 and 8 miles,
with trained leaders

Click here for details

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Health Walks in Clumber Park

National Trust

Health Walks for everyone
but especially for parents/carers with buggies

Click here for details

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Mansfield and Rushcliffe Instep


Free guided walks around Mansfield
and Rushcliffe 'Move and Mingle'

Click here for details

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Age UK
Best Foot Forward


Many free health walks
all over the City area throughout the week





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Newark and Sherwood

Short flat health walks throughout the Borough
all abilities

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Get Going Gedling


Free health walks around the Borough every week

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On Your Doorstep Health Walks

Mansfield and Ashfield


This scheme has been set up by members of
Mansfield & Sherwood Ramblers in partnership with
Orchard Medical Practice, Mansfield

It offers a walk of up to 90 minutes every Tuesday
from different locations around Mansfield and Sutton-in-Ashfield.

Click here for details

Contact Keith for more details on 07527 160 339