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Help with Printing

There is a 'Print only details' file already set up on this site so when you press the print command on your computer you should only get the header and the walks details printed.
There seems to be a problem with the way certain browsers see the code and may print out the whole page differently. It is recommended that you select the 'Print Preview' option first to see what is going to be printed before committing your computer to actually printing.
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There are a few not so obvious links that can help you enjoy the experience a little more.

The '  This Month  ' button on the Home page is a quick and useful way if you want to see what walks are available for the current month. Once at the current month you have instant access to the rest of the year so you can now view all the year's months.

The '  Select a Month  ' button does exactly the same as the '  This Month  ' button but starts you off at January, so of it's January now, both buttons will show January. Sounds obvious and it is when yo think about it.


What is a TAB

A Tab creates another browser page that sits alongside (on top) of the original page you were viewing. Look carefully near the top of the page and you should see that when you click on a SK link that Notts Guided Walks page is still accessible. (it sits behind the map site with its own TAB) So when you have finished looking at the meeting point location you can either click the Notts Guided Walks TAB and keep also the Map open on its TAB in the background (so you can flick between the two sites or) close either site by clicking its "+" and the other site will appear on its own.

Those small pictures!

If there are small images on a page, try hovering your mouse pointer over the image. If a small magnifying glass appears instead of a normal mouse pointer you can click the actual picture to get a larger, more detailed view of that image. The mouse pointer should now be a hand with a pointing finger,(depending on the browser).
To reduce the image down to its original size just click the large image again.

How to get there by bus, tram and train!

To help you get around here are some bus and train timetable links

 Nottinghamshire County Council Bus Timetable  

 Nottingham City Transport  

 UK Bus Timetable Directory (Midlands)  

 City Visitor  

 The Tram Service  

 East Midlands Trains (Robin Hood Line)  

Advice about the walks Cars/Vehicles

Please share cars if possible and always park considerately, allowing others to share limited space. Lock your car as we cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage.

Routes and distances

Distances and routes are approximate. Leaders may vary the published route according to the weather and other conditions.

Wheelchair Users

Although most country lanes and footpaths are not suitable for wheelchair users, town walks are usually accessible. Please phone the walk leader to check.


Dogs are permitted on most guided walks, but should always be kept on a lead. Check first if in any doubt.


What to bring with you

Comfortable waterproof boots or stout shoes
Waterproof clothing
Small rucksack
Packed lunch/tea with flask and water
Small light mat to sit on
A good torch
A local area Map
First aid kit

In Winter

Extra layers of clothing
Hat and gloves

In Summer

Wide hat
Sun Cream


Children under sixteen (16) are welcome but must be accompanied by parent, close relative or someone legally authorised to give permission for medical treatment if necessary.

Special Needs Walkers for Health and Special Needs/Disabled
We cannot provide carers, but carers are very welcome to walk with us. If in doubt check with the leader, also Check out the special section in-  Health Walks 

How to use the Health Walks pages

As there is a lot of information within the main Health Walks page
One way to find what is happening on a certain day is to use te seach engine on the main (front) page

Now is a good time for a LIFT !

When viewing an especially long page of information you will see an arrow at the bottom right of the screen. By clicking the arrow you will be taken back to the top of the page. The longer the page, the faster you rise!


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