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Explore the Nottingham GreenGround Map to enjoy a greener Nottingham from your doorstep and learn and grow in our green spaces.

Make time to connect with nature and people in new ways, improve your mood and your health by keeping active in our parks and gardens, on our canals and rivers or visit our nature reserves and woodlands. Follow the links and create your own outdoor adventure or find a hidden oasis. There really is a place for everyone in nature.

Nottingham has a wealth of green spaces where people can go to connect with nature, socialise and exercise. Research shows that the more we connect with nature the better our mental health and well-being becomes*. It has the ability to decrease our anxieties, lower our heart rate and give us space to improve our fitness.** Nottingham has a network of waterways, rivers and canals that provide homes for wildlife and opportunities to walk, cycle, boat and play. The community gardens, heritage sites, parks and open spaces create networks of places to get creative, escape daily life, to volunteer, to grow and learn new things. Each site is waiting to be explored by anyone who wants to find them.

This map was created to show how Nottingham’s green spaces link together to form a vast web of nature that residents and visitors of Nottingham can explore. We want you to be able to find a green space that works for you and use it your way. We know that the more you use Nottingham’s green spaces, the more you’ll love them as much as we do. The ‘Greenground Map’ is a design project by Helen Ilus in collaboration with Nottinghamshires’ GreenSpace Green Social Prescribing Pilot.

Nottingham was selected as one of seven government Green Social Prescribing Test and Learn sites through the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System (ICS), to run a two year pilot nature-based programme. The pilot is being delivered nationally by: The Department of Health and Social Care, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Natural England, NHS England and NHS Improvement, Public Health England, Sport England, Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government and the National Academy for Social Prescribing.

Locally it is being delivered by Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service.

* Nature contact, nature connectedness and associations with health, wellbeing and pro-environmental behaviours (
**How Does Nature Impact Our Wellbeing? | Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing (

GreenSpace NG app


GreenSpace NG app

The GreenSpace NG app aims to help boost the health and wellbeing of people across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, by encouraging them to explore more green spaces in their community and beyond. How many of these green spaces have you visited and can you recommend any more?

Direct download links to Greenspace NG App for Apple and Android below