This country park is a favourite of families in the area. It consists mainly of deciduous woodland, with an area of grassland and a cricket pitch, all conveniently close to the Burntstump public house. It offers a good opportunity for a gentle stroll, with the option to watch a cricket match if they are playing on a summer Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Two walks are available. Both start from the main car park next to the Sherwood Lodge Police Headquarters, but they can also be joined from the public house.

Walk 1. Distance – 3⁄4 mile (1.2 km). Fairly flat and suitable for disabled access. Can be lengthened according to ability and motor power, using any compatible path.

Walk 2. Distance – 1.5 miles (2.5 km) More climbs and descents, but can be shortened or lengthened using any of the criss-crossing paths available. More adventurous than Walk 1.

Car Parking. Although Blue Badge parking is free for 3 hours, be aware that for other parking, a ticket must be displayed on your windscreen for up to two hours free parking. This car park can be very full. An overflow area can be reached by taking the next turning left, just before the Police Headquarters entrance. But don’t forget your parking ticket!

Walk Number 1


Walk 1. Start from the building at the car park corner where toilets are available.

Start point at the toilets

The path continues in the same direction, with the cricket ground on your left and trees to your right. In Spring, a wonderful show of daffodils can be seen along here.

Cricket ground on your left

Continue along this path as it curves gently round to the left, eventually reaching a pond, where the path splits. You can go either way – the right-hand path gives another view of the pond and its wildlife before re-joining the main path (see map)

Either way round the lake

Another view of the pond

Continue along this return path, reaching the Burntstump pub on your right where meals and drinks are available. Follow the fence round to your left, maybe watching a cricket match, until at the top of a slight gradient, you return to your starting point.

Reaching the Burntstump pub

Walk Number 2


Walk 2. Starts at the same point, but take the climbing path at 90 degrees to the right of Walk 1, turning left at the top on to the wide path in front of you. This continues past a path sloping down left, which could be explored at a later date. Some of these lower paths may be suitable for wheel- chair or scooter access, but it would pay to do a walking reconnaissance first. Some gradients may be tiring for those less steady on their feet.

Wide path in front of you

Ignore path left

You will eventually find a gate which you pass through, soon afterwards reaching a sports field (Paviors) on your right. Be aware that cars and trucks also use this road which becomes fenced on your right.

Paviors sports field

In Spring keep an eye open on your left for a rotting tree trunk that now gives life to a host of tiny blue/pink flowers. It’s pink purslane, often found growing wild in the woodlands of Scotland, but otherwise quite a rare sight in the UK.

Rotting tree trunk

Pink purslane

You may also find small yellow celandines along here in early Spring. After a slight left curve, a signpost indicates a path left into the woods.

Path left into the woods

Small yellow celandines

Small blue forget-me-nots

It matters little which path you take now – they are all bounded by Burntstump Hill road. In autumn look out for fungi, especially on rotting trees. In Spring, keep an eye open for small blue for- get-me-nots in patches by the paths, followed later by the occasional bluebell. Birds, like this tiny blue tit, are also nesting.

Tiny blue tit

Watch for the wide green space beside the cricket ground through the trees on your left, aiming towards it for a rest or a picnic, before continuing either side of the cricket ground back to your starting point. Although small, this site amply repays visiting each season of the year, trying out the different paths to chart their changes as the year progresses.

Footpaths are subject to alteration. Please notify Brian Cluff by email of any significant changes –

Please check the web-site from time to time

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