Distance: There are many paths in this Park, but we suggest a route that skirts both the Trout Lake and West lake out to Colwick Hall, then returns after about 3 miles (5 km) in all. You could do more or less.


Access: Off the main Colwick Loop Road, turn into Mile End Road. A small car park exists at the end of River Road (first turning right) by the Fishing Lodge. For the disabled or elderly, other car parking further inside costs about £2.00 at the Fishing Lodge. The largest car park can be found a few yards further on Mile End Road, at the Colwick Recreation Ground. Another public car park exists on Racecourse Road, past Colwick Hall at NG4 2DT.

Bus services: CityLink 2 and the No. 44. Colwick Park Post code: NG4 2DW
Note the public information board before the Fishing Lodge. All the main paths are well-maintained, with surfaces suitable for wheelchairs/scooters etc. There is an occasional slight gradient.


Step 1

Start: It is well worth calling at the Fishing Lodge to ask about special events or what birds can be seen. From there, take the wide main path with Trout Lake on your right.

An Unmarked River
Down to the Wardens’ WalkWay

The signposts indicating trails are simply to show ‘rights-of-way’. If you want to avoid cars and cycles, take the ‘Wardens Walkway’ down a few steps to your left, a narrow quiet path that runs beside an un- marked river down to the Trent.

Step 2

A coot family may be found near the run-out, from where you can also see the massive Holmes Sluices.

Holmes Sluices

Step 3

Continue on the main path to The Point, where seats allow you to enjoy the wandering birds. In spring proud parents trot by with their young, or try their skills in the water. By the public toilets, the left path is to the Marina, for boat-owners, so bear right, eventually with a view of the Marina, past anglers in the Trout Zone.

Step 4

You can keep left around the outside of West Lake, but we shall go right, with West Lake on our left. Peace usually reigns here, but in spring you may occasionally spot the exciting origins of the expression ‘a wild goose chase’, as males do their macho thing on the water.

A wild goose chase

Step 5

The long narrow lake you’ll see on your right is the Colwick Hall Pool, a nature reserve where many water birds can be seen, with Colwick Hall beyond. The path gives a view of the Trent left, passes a children’s playground, eventually emerging on to the main entrance road to the Hall to your right. Only a few yards further, just before the Hall entrance, a path leads to the ruins of St. John’s Church.

Footpath to St John’s Church
Colwick Hall beyond

Step 6

It stands now dim and roofless, invading trees its silent and enduring congregation. Boasting a long history back to 1684, it was abandoned in 1933, its ancient roof declared unsafe in 1936, and the church closed. *

A silent congregation

Further interesting information about this church

Step 7

The path now takes you to the opposite side of Colwick Hall Pool, giving a better view of the birdlife there. Birds and butterflies will often settle in front of you if you walk quietly or stop for a while. However a wedding party at the Hall may tip your fortune the other way.

Step 8

Further on, a causeway allows you to cross back to Trout Lake, taking a left turn to pass Tern Island on the Lake. The main path wanders back, at times near the Lake, at times through woods where Red Campion shows its pink faces. Seats will still allow an occasional rest as you pass first Martin Island then the Peninsular, both busy with birds in trees, on grass or water.

Left turn at the causeway
Tern Island on the Lake
Red Campion

Step 9

At the Peninsular, a gate on the left gives access to The Loop, a curving path back to the Fishing Lodge but taking you away from the Lake. Especially in spring, the activity by the Lake is worth watching.

Left gives access to the Loop
A proud family

Step 10

As the path curves round Lodge Bay, new tree vegetation may sparkle below a stormy sky. Soon after you’ll find yourself back at the Fishing Lodge, thinking possibly ‘another visit later’?

Trees below a stormy sky

Step 11

Back at the Fishing Lodge

Click on https://youtu.be/3II_milzF4k to watch a short video of this walk.

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