The basics Total length of the walk is 3.3/4 miles (6 kilometres), north of the village, mainly through agricultural land. Over half the full walk is on road surfaces – from Hexgreave Hall back it is all road walking. In August 2013, there was a large herd of red deer in the Estate, seen again during 2015. It is a sight well worth seeing.

How to get there Farnsfield is a large village on the unclassified road between Southwell and Rain- worth. The usual approach is from the A614 Nottingham to Doncaster road, turning east at the ‘White Post’ roundabout. The Plough is towards the eastern end of the village.

Post code NG22 8EA. Map Ref. SK651 565 Tel. 01623 882 265

Parking You may leave your car in the car park, but please ask first.

The Plough There is no shortage of attractions in this area. Whether your taste is for farm centres, butterfly parks, former railway tracks or good pubs, you are sure to find something here to interest you.

The Plough is a cheerful, friendly Marston’s Brewery house and the oldest inn in this attractive central Nottinghamshire village that dates back to the 14th Century. The décor is tasteful, with oak beams and a charming collection of brass and copperware. Outside is a delightful garden, with a picnic area and children’s swings.


The opening hours are from 11.00 am to midnight 7 days a week. Real cask ales are on offer, with a selection of lagers and wines, or cider on draught. Meals and snacks are available lunch time and evening Monday to Saturday, but lunch time only on Sundays. A tempting menu includes a wide variety of grills, fish and meat dishes, sandwiches and snacks. Patrons may eat their own food in the garden at non-catering times, but ask first. There is no special family room, but families are welcome. So too are dogs.


The Walk Leaving the inn, turn left on to Main Street, then half-left again into Brickyard Lane opposite.

Entrance to Brickyard Lane

This is first a tarmac surface, between attractive houses, but it becomes a rough track shortly after leaving the red-bricked Farnsfield House on the left. (This building has a former pumping station behind it) Soon a little foot path on your left – well trodden but easily missed – leads through the hedge to a signpost and the Southwell Trail. This used to be the Farnsfield to Southwell railway line, but is now a popular walkway. Do not turn on to the Trail, but cross it at the sign- post. Look out for cyclists as you cross for they don’t often ring bells these days!

The path is indicated slightly left of ahead, but if a crop prevents access, go left along the hedgerow, turning right with it to your former direction until at the top of the long field the hedgerow turns right again, where you pick up an unfenced lane at a yellow marker post.

The direct track through the crop will meet also at this point. 2. Turn left on the lane, following it with the buildings of Lower Hexgreave Farm behind trees on your left.

At a wide cross-road junction, turn half-left at the lane leading only to Lower Hexgreave Farm, to find the half-hidden stile in the hedgerow opposite.

Half-hidden stile

Take the path through to an opening opposite, on to a green field. On the far side of that, another fence- gate leads to the open tree-studded Hexgreave parkland. Hexgreave Hall will be visible half-left among trees, above a ha-ha wall.

Hexgreave Hall half-left in trees

Continue straight ahead by a long new fence behind which you may see the deer. At the yellow marker post on the far side go through a tall gate in the fence, turning half-left through trees to a wide metalled road, following a beautiful avenue of lime trees 3. The entrance and various office buildings of Hexgreave Hall are both sides of this avenue.

Between the buildings of Hexgreave Hall

Continue along here for a good 1/2 mile to its southern end. A farm track soon comes in from the left along here.

Left at Cockett Barn Farm

A footpath on the right, part way along, suggests short cut. It’s worth it only if there is no field crop. The stile on the far side may be down and very overgrown.

A possible shortcut?

Turn right at the end of the avenue, then left again 4. at the entrance to Cockett Barn Farm on to a straight metalled road.

South Lodge

Pass through the South Lodge exit of Hexgreave Park, then the Southwell Trail, to reach the outskirts of Farnsfield. 5. Turn left along Far Back Lane (name plate may be obscured by the hedge) through to the rear entrance of the Inn’s car park on your right.

Don’t stand in the way of one of these!

This walk was updated and partly revised in August 2013, incorporating several modernising changes over the 20 or so years since Peter Fooks first walked it.

Please note – further changes can occur at any time, for which we cannot accept any responsibility. If you are aware of any significant alterations, please notify us using the contact addresses on our web- site, giving us your contact details. That would be very helpful to everyone. If you enjoyed the walk, please e-mail with any useful comments.

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